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Houston Events

Sporting Events
Sporting events are a fantastic way to spend your time in Houston. There are many venues for sports here, and teams to make the friendly competition happen! Whether your favorite team is the Houston Astros, the Houston Rockets, the Houston Texans or the Houston Dynamo, there’s certain to be a game happening that you’ll want to attend. One way you can make your sporting event experience into a night to remember is by renting a limo bus! Limo Houston has everything you’ll need to make your tailgating experience one that you remember. You can forget about worries of finding a designated driver, bad weather, or struggling to get everybody together in one place. A limo bus rental gets rid of all of these worries and adds an air of luxury to your sporting event experience. Rent your limo bus today!

Weddings are beautiful milestones to be celebrated, and with careful planning, you’ll have a ceremony to be proud of. You’ve likely been planning your wedding for a while, and you know that there’s a lot that goes into a seemingly simple event. Luckily, Houston has many different options for having a successful ceremony. You’ll find amazing venues such as Ashton Gardens, the Bell Tower, The Heights Villa, Patio on Mercer, as well as the beautiful Cheateau Crystal. You’re sure to have the ceremony of your dreams if you secure a limo bus for your mode of transportation! You’ll have more room than a limousine, and more amenities to enjoy. Propose a toast at the premium bar areas filled with ice and dance your heart out!

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
Bachelor and bachelorette parties are fun events for all to enjoy! You’re sure to have a successful party in Houston with everything there is to see and do. You’ll want to consider all of the options, such as bowling, dinner, shopping, strip club tours, and bar hopping. No matter what you end up doing for your bachelor or bachelorette party, consider renting a limo bus for the night. They were made for these type of events with all of the modern luxuries that are included, such as stripper poles, a booming sound system, hardwood dancing floors, HD televisions, and more. Forget about finding a designated driver, and rent a limo bus!

Winery Tours
Wineries are popping up all around Houston because of the warm weather and sun filled skies! If you’re a fan of wine, a winery tour should certainly be in your future! Not only do you get to taste all of the delectable wines, you’re supporting local businesses instead of buying corporate. Be sure to visit the La Fuente Winery, Water2wine, Eaglefire Winery, the Nice Winery, Pinero Pozo Vineyards, and more! A winery tour in a limo bus is certainly an event to enjoy. You can taste test your newly bought wine at the custom bar areas, entertain yourself on the way with the televisions and DVD player, and dance on the hardwood flooring as you wait to get to your destination. Turn your winery tour into an even better experience with a limo bus!

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