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Bayridge Park Nightlife

The Davenport Lounge
1235 Clear Lake City Boulevard, Houston, TX 77062
Let's talk about the incredible Davenport Lounge. The DL is our number one pick in the Bayridge Park area for our Limo Houston customers to visit! This is as "old fashioned pub" as you can get. The decor is comfortably retro, complete with all the real wood accents. But what we go here for is the food! We crave the comfort food that is served every day and night. Now, we can't just mention the food at a place that has such outstanding cocktails! We suggest the cotton candy cocktail. The service is the kind that will make you feel like you're visiting family rather than hanging out at an eatery (or shall we say, drinkery!). Not only do they have an incredible beer selection but they also have a wonderful array of specialty martinis!

Buffalo Wild Wings
5875 Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena, TX 77505
Buffalo Wild Wings is always an ideal choice for our Limo Houston customers in the Bayridge Park area or anywhere! After all, we've been able to rely on so many of their chain locations for good times for our customers over the years. After so many consistently great experiences, we could not feel more comfortable recommending them to you, especially the Pasadena location! Awesome sports bar vibe, incredible wings in both boneless and traditional with your choice of sauces, and even a great selection of specialty drinks, along with plenty of beer on tap too! The service at this BWW is superb; friendly, prompt, and efficient! Your drink will never be empty!

Chelsea Wine Bar
4106 Nasa Parkway, El Lago, TX 77586
We can't get enough of Chelsea Wine Bar! CWB is one of the classiest places that you could ever find in the Bayridge Park area and we think it's just ideal for your very special and memorable celebrations with Limo Houston! The food here mostly consists of tapas style dishes that will really impress your taste buds. The vibe is relaxed and the decor is beautiful. As you might guess from "Wine Bar" being part of the name, Chelsea's has an incredible amount of wine available to suit any preference! If wine isn't the particular cup of tea of anyone in your group, they'll be able to partake in some absolutely delightful coffees and teas instead. Truly a wonderful experience from beginning to end right here.

Sherlock's Pub - CLOSED
2416 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, TX 77058
The mere mention of Sherlock's Pub brings to mind dozens of wonderful times that we have had there over the years, all of us on the Limo Houston crew enjoying our time off at this amazing location. We're paying it forward by passing the recommendation on to our Limo Houston customers here in the Bayridge Park area. This is one of those rare pubs that seems to be half library, with tons of shelves stocked with fascinating books for you to take a peek at while you sip ice cold pints of beer. The cocktails are incredible as well, each hand mixed and made from scratch! The Mojito is our favorite, but the talented bartenders can mix anything perfectly. It just doesn't get any better than that.

4106 Nasa Parkway, El Lago, TX 77586
Oh, how many times have we recommended Boondoggle's to our Limo Houston customers over the years? We can't even count, the number of times we've suggested this amazing bar over on Nasa Parkway. This Bayridge Park area favorite is a must-visit when you're out and about with us around here. The vibe is sports bar and the fare is pizza! We're just obsessed with their yummy crust, high quality sauce, and fresh toppings. It's the kind of old fashioned pizza that you thought you couldn't get anymore. The drink selection is also beyond impressive, so you can wash down that pizza pie with your favorite swig of alcohol! Perfection!

The Republic House
7219 Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena, TX 77505
The Republic House is another pub that we have recommended time and time again to our Limo Houston customers in the Bayridge Park area. They've got an absolutely beautiful interior with plenty of genuine wood throughout, not to mention the friendly ambiance that is sparked by the attentive staff and kept going by the happy-go-lucky locals who fill the space night after night with laughter and conversation. You'll be happy to hear that the bartenders tend to have pours on the generous side, so you get a little more buzz for your money! Nice! From beer to cocktails, you can quench your thirst at Republic, no matter what you're in the mood for!

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